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At the beginning, we were not sure what the outcome would be. We got the inventory, but we needed a […]

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At the beginning, we were not sure what the outcome would be. We got the inventory, but we needed a marketing strategy to start selling.  We launched Baby Star store on Tjara back in February 2021. From day one, we managed to utilize the features available on Tjara’s web & apps. Working consistently on building our online store,  along with the collaborations with Tjara’s support team, we have been getting many online orders. Also, the brand awareness that we have been getting, has been attracting new local customers visiting our physical store. A few tips to all store managers: Keep your customers happy and satisfied by providing them a great customer service.  Offer reasonable & competitive prices. Use clear images when listing your products and list consistently. Set your return policy and follow what we have been employing below.

Below are some of the factors and services that primarily lead them to receive a decent number of daily inquiries, orders, and online traffic.

1.Active listing: Tjara wants sellers to establish a rich selling history. Baby Star maintained a consistent listing record that fostered customer’s connection to its store and empowered its performance. The below visitor’s number was reachable. 

2- Hot Deals & Sales: Shoppers love deals! To make their customers happy and keep them coming back, Baby Star has been utilizing the“Discount” feature which allows them to run scheduled sales, and feature them.

3- Customizable Storefront: Baby Star is leveraging the dynamic, interactive and exciting themes offered by Tjara’s platfrom. The new Color & Design Templates features, keep the storefronts looking fresh and attract buyers.

4- Live Auctions: Shopping is already fun, auctions make it more exciting especially when shoppers are bidding against each other! Baby Star has been employing this feature, and it is giving them a lot more exposure. If you haven’t used this feature within your store yet, we think it’s time to start using it!

5- Live Contests & Events: Another way to receive recognition and increase brand awareness, Baby Star has been sponsoring “Live Contests” on Tjara. These events showed a substantial level of user engagements. Products from Sponsored stores are usually automatically generated and promoted within those events.

6- Variation Listings: Another way to make it easy for their shoppers, Baby Star has been using the “Variation” feature which enables buyers to easily find the size and colors of the products they are looking for. Making it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for, makes it easy for them to buy from you.

7- Reviews: Because credibility is important. We implemented the Customer reviews feature. It is a very powerful way to influence shoppers when making their purchase decisions, and it attracts new customers! Without skipping a beat, Baby Star leveraged this feature and helped their new customers shop with confidence.

8. Boosted Ad Campaign (Instagram/Facebook): This boosted campaign was intensively running for 18 days. It helped “Baby Star” store  in creating its specialized audience based on location and demographics .

9. Fair Return Policy:  Baby Star prioritizes buyer’s comfort while purchasing on their site, thus they guarantee that they will get an exchange opportunity if the sold item appears inconvenient to them.

10. Optimized Product Titles: When listing your products, enter the best keywords that describe your product into the title field. The Search Engine scans Tjara and matches the title’s keywords with the shoppers search phrases they search for and finds them.

11. Email Marketing: Baby Star is employing the “Email Marketing” tool offered in the Silver Subscription. A dedicated newsletters is being sent twice per month to 13,000 Tjara users. This service along with many other effective services can be employed with the Bronze & Silver Account subscription.

If they did it, you can do it too! Check Tjara’s Memberships Services & develop your store too.

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