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Excuse me….! Put the mask on, please please please ?… don’t get close to me… Please sanitize your hands… Please […]

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Excuse me….! Put the mask on, please please please ?… don’t get close to me… Please sanitize your hands… Please don’t sneeze, too late… ?Hatchoo….
Wait! It gets even worse… Does my car have enough gas? Is the gas station open today?

Did you have to say that to someone, or did any of these thoughts cross your mind while shopping in stores lately? Did you ever need to go somewhere and your gasoline tank was empty, or your car ran out of gas in the middle of the street? Unfortunately I did, and you probably did too, don’t lie.

Ever since the pandemic started, it felt essential for many of us to be able to buy almost everything we need from home. Lockdowns & social distancing were enough to make shopping online in Lebanon more popular.

Before the pandemic started, going from one brick-and-mortar store to another was fun. Having to wait in lines while browsing the side aisles and picking our last-minute items was fun also. There was no need to wear masks, keep a 6ft distance while standing, or necessity for hand sanitizing, or items you touch every time. The extra required got us to consider shopping online in Lebanon more than ever.

As covid-19 surged, the cases increased, leading to a lack of hospital beds almost in all hospitals. We regularly receive names of people who are infected locally on our phones. Social isolation & fear of getting infected were reasons for noticing more popularity & use for shopping online in Lebanon .

  • Online Shopping Platforms in Lebanon

There are many online shopping platforms in Lebanon. Some specialize in one main category they sell under, and others sell under multiple categories. is a conglomerate of e-commerce businesses located in and outside Lebanon. It includes dozens of online shopping stores in Lebanon selling under more than 5,000 categories. That makes it more efficient & convenient to find everything you are looking for.

There is a wide variety of businesses on offering a wide product selection. It makes it more convenient to find what you are looking for when you want to shop online. Not only that, the wider the selection, the more you can compare quality & prices. Additionally, the more products the online stores offer, the more competitive prices can become. Everything mentioned makes online shopping in Lebanon more convenient during this pandemic.

  • Consequences of online shopping        On the other hand, shopping online comes with consequences. There are always concerns when items get delivered to us. For example, we would be worried that they might be damaged or grossly misrepresented. Concerns rise when you purchase from a vendor that does not accept returns. On, you get the ability to buy from stores that accept returns. Return policies usually appear on every product page. Stores indicate whether they accept returns or not, the period of the return time, and conditions. That makes shopping online in Lebanon safer.

To make things even better, buyers get to review the vendors when they purchase from them. Online reviews help you make your decision before committing to purchase. The better the reviews rate, the more confident you feel buying from the store. Thanks to web development technology & for all platforms that provide such features!

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