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*What is a to-do list ? A to-do list is a list where a person can mention everything that he/she […]

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*What is a to-do list ?

A to-do list is a list where a person can mention everything that he/she are going to do or planning to do for the near future.

*Where to mention your to-do list?

Your to-do list can be listed on papers,stickers, or boards as the tradional way, or on your laptop, your cell phone, or any application that can be downloaded on your phone as the modern way.

*Why to-do lists are important?

*1- It can prioritize your tasks:
Through it you can specify what needs your immidiate attention and what you can leave until later by organizing the most important tasks at the top and the least important task at the bottom.

*2-It helps you acheive big goals:
The to-do list will help you break down a big dream and turn it into smaller parts and steps to turn into reality.

*3-It saves your time:
Your to-do list can reduce the number of tasks and let you spread them over days, weeks or maybe months based on your time management, where it gives you the freedom to draw temporary deadlines and time flexibility.

*4-It focuses your energy:
A to do list will avoid you from distractions. When tasks are branched in your mind and your agenda, you’ll know how to put the enough and needed energy in every task you’re making since you’ll feel confident relaxed and ready.

*5-It makes you feel productive and prepared: Listing your tasks and managing your time based on them will give you a sense of productivity and confidence, where you’ll enjoy the idea of putting a slash on the things that are done and motivates you to accomplish more and more.

*6-It releases your stress:
Writing things down helps in reducing stress and makes you feel more relaxed. You get a feeling of being in control of your life and actions, and ready for the future events.

*7- It learns you how to say NO:
When you know what you want, already specified your priorities, organized your time, and put a your energy on acheiving, you’ll value your time and only then it will be easy for you to say No for distractions or things that delay you from reaching your goal.

*8- It makes you more reliable:
One of the preeminent uses of a to-do list is remembering things and sticking to your deadlines. While a small part of the benefits, it’s still very important. Staying on top of your projects makes you a reliable team member, manager, and friend.

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