Post Your CV At Tjara & Apply For Jobs??

The current difficult circumstances Lebanon’s economy is going through has triggered one of the worst employment crisis.

As part of our journey & contribution, and as we have taken it upon ourselves to empowering businesses and providing them with marketing solutions, we now launched an employment feature where candidates and employers can connect.

This new feature will enable you as a job seeker to publish your resume. Employers, on the other hand, will be able to post their job vacancies.

CVs will be categorized according to specializations and competencies to enable easy search and give them more visibility. As a result, this will give employers the ability to find the candidates they are looking for easily as well as for job seekers to have their resumes efficiently searchable.

We wish you our dear users the best of luck using this new feature and find what you are looking for in the next stages.

Our team is dedicating their full potential to serve you in any way possible.

Good luck!

Tjara Team