FT25 Cargo Risk Management and Loss Prevention: Basics fill in gaps

This course will lay out everything you need to know to create an accurate M.I.D. every time. You will need access to the EAR, 15 CFR 740, to correctly respond to some of the questions. This module contains U.S. regulatory information, and is an advanced topic.

  • The development of multimedia presentations calls for the efforts of people with many different talents.
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The development of multimedia presentations calls for the efforts of people with many different talents. When such presentations are produced for training purposes, these creative efforts are most successfully engaged when controlled by the disciplined application of instructional design principles. This course helps you, as one of these talented contributors, the instructional designer, build the confidence needed to take on this leadership role. The GISTnet Glossary is an efficient way for workers to get industry terms and acronyms defined in seconds.

Need Help? Security Concerns?

In this lesson we address customs entry requirements such as when an importer bond is required and the importer’s “CBP Form 5106” that must be entered into Customs system prior to filing a customs entry and importer’s bond data. This training is for use with all personnel with CCSF cargo security responsibilities, including Principal and Facility Security Coordinators and designated alternates, Screeners and Screener Supervisors, and all other employees and authorized representatives. This course is based on IACSSP Change 6b, and may be used for both initial and annual refresher training. When used for refresher training, students, having previously completed AS-4, should be able to complete the course in approximately half the time for initial training, and the GISTnet course fee is automatically discounted 50%. Staff Qualification Records—The GISTnet system automatically creates and maintains a learning/qualification record for personnel who have embarked on a GISTnet learning program.

Pursuant to the Privacy Shield program, HALO remains accountable, as described in the Privacy Shield Principles, for personal data that it receives under the Privacy Shield and subsequently transfers to a third party. HALO commits to cooperate with EU data protection authorities and comply with the advice given by such authorities with regard to personal data transferred from the EU in the context of the providing its Services. The GISTware Learning Management System allows designated administrators in your company to assign, track and monitor training.

Air Freight Shipment Costs (T-

It is full-scope, including everything in the GISTnet AS-1 course plus additional topics of particular concern to IACSCs. This training is not adequate for personnel performing air cargo operations tasks (e.g., customer service, routing, documentation, cargo acceptance and/or transfer, ground transportation). Students are encouraged to seek clarification on any issues of concern with one’s supervisor. This training refers to applicable provisions within the IACSSP, amendments and alternate procedures thereto, that are or may be relevant to each trainee’s individual security function. We maintain strict data security systems that ensure specific information will not be made available to any unauthorized person and in order to protect information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. Our employees are made aware of and are accountable for compliance with our privacy policy.

Learning Programs & Assessments

The materials are available on demand through any internet connection. Lessons are designed to be completed within an hour and learners are welcome to print course materials for reference. This fill-in-the-gaps learning addresses operational challenges in using ATA Carnets, and how to avoid costly problems. This module does not have a study assignment per se, and assumes that the user has some existing understanding of the topic.

Responding to Shipper DG Questions and Assistance Requests

If DPAs finds us to be in violation of the Principles, we will correct the situation and stop processing the data of the user bringing the complaint. If you have forgotten or lost your username or password, you canhave your username and a password reset link emailed to you. If you don’t have an email address, you canhave GISTware contact you to reset your password. If you have already registered with GISTware, and you remember your username and password, you can proceed. Importers require a surety bond for their imports, but there are different types of surety bonds available in varying amounts.

In this lesson we provide a decision tree and questions to ask to determine how to handle certain shipments and what entry type to use. Release at the border is very different than at an international port that handles air and ocean imports. International transactions can be more complicated than border shipments between Canada, the U. Here we discuss the information required to process release of a truck shipment arriving at the border, players and information required for PAPS to function and the relationship between PAPS, FAST and NCAP. Different information is necessary depending on whether the goods arrive by air, ocean, rail or truck. These systems can all file their manifest information electronically.

When used for refresher training, students, having previously completed AS-1, should be able to complete the course in approximately half the time for initial training, and the GISTnet course fee is automatically discounted 50%. Country Guides—Our country-by-country information is written by and for shipping professionals. In addition to what is required, we provide a variety of how-to information on the preparation of shipping documents, plus a variety of contacts with additional shipment-specific information and assistance. Here we will cover low value shipments, consignment of freight to a Foreign Trade Zone, imports of business records and data, goods imported for personal use, and specialized handling of transportation equipment and reusable packing. The GISTnet Library subscription for your company or business unit provides access to all your staff at very little cost. It will pay for itself many times over with more productive workers, fewer errors and more satisfied customers.

GISTnet provides Internet/intranet-based performance support, training courses, assessment tools and educational support to professionals and staff engaged in international trade, cargo transportation and logistics. GISTnet’s primary focus is on the support and career developments needs of transportation intermediaries (freight forwarders, customs brokers, indirect carriers and third-party logistics providers), including both technical training and key business skills such as customer service and supervision. The GISTnet library and training courses are also of interest to shippers, importers and exporters. If you do not pass the pre-test, the next step is to take an assessment-for-learning at least twice. The immediate feedback messages will provide the correct responses, with links to read more about what the question addresses. Each time you take an assessment you will gain more knowledge on the subject and reinforce what you have already learned.

A person with little or no prior understanding of this topic should instead take a regular GISTnet course covering this topic . This fill-in-the-gaps learning addresses what a forwarder must do, in practical terms, with respect to its own U.S. export compliance and providing export compliance advise to shippers. A person with little or no prior understanding of this topic should take a regular GISTnet course covering this topic instead. This training refers to applicable provisions within the IACSSP, amendments and alternate procedures thereto, and implementing instructions as are or may be relevant to each student’s individual responsibilities as IACSC or alternate.

Such information is only collected from your employer or if you voluntarily submit such information to us. If you have not previously registered, please complete this registration form. By submitting this form you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as stated in the GISTware User Agreement and privacy policy, which include terms of use and liability limitations. It has become increasingly important for ABI filers to send accurate and correct M.I.D. codes in ABI transactions. This is due to increased enforcement and security initiatives of Customs and other government agencies.

CSMS https://crypto-trading.info/base—A searchable database of all CSMS messages from 1992 through present day. Visit our CSMS sampler for a preview of how the system works, and keep in mind that with a subscription you get access to all messages, not just those from the retired CSMS system. Dangerous goods shipping, with emphasis on forwarder responsibilities. Your subscription revenue is the means by which we maintain and expand our content in order to continually increase the value of GISTnet subscriptions. Even more secure than PAPS, but beneficial to the trade are FAST and NCAP. NCAP operates like PAPS, but has special rules when used in conjunction with FAST.

Developing the Multimedia Proposal

In this lesson we review when a surety bond is necessary, who is involved and how to obtain one, when necessary. This lesson will continue our discussion on PAPS covering the sequence of events and processing of e-manifest at ACE enabled ports. Then we will move on to the relationship with other government agencies and security aspects of the program.

Use of GISTnet Library resources for internal company training and client support purposes. You may request permission to print and reproduce our library documents. So long as your request is specific as to documents, reasonable in scope, and not for commercial purposes which extend beyond your own company operations, and provided the documents belong to us (i.e., not a third party), we will generally grant such permissions. HALO may transfer personal information to countries other than the country in which the data was originally collected.

In many cases, it will be a much more useful substitute for information you are already paying for. When used for refresher training, students, having previously completed AS-2, should be able to complete the course in approximately half the time needed for initial training, and the GISTnet course fee will be automatically discounted 50%. Non-Personal Information is information that cannot be used to identify or contact you, such as survey responses, demographic information regarding, for example, user IP addresses, browser types, domain names, and other anonymous statistical data involving the use of our Sites. The course explains the multimedia production process for both video and on-line instruction and shows you how to prepare a proposal for multimedia training. Each one of these entry types has its own code that belongs in Block 2 of the CBP Form 7501.

These source https://cryptonews.wiki/ should be available to people taking this training for reference during and after this training. Ocean/multimodal freight forwarding, including regulations; shipper-forwarder relationship issues and variations, indirect carriage , and generic forwarding procedures. By looking at the Table of Contents, you will get a good idea of the current scope of information, and additional materials are continually being added. There are currently over ten thousand explanatory documents, glossary definitions, and exhibits relating to international trade and transportation, plus the GISTnet Country Guides. Fees may be payable for the processing of data access requests in certain instances.

These countries may not have the same https://currency-trading.org/ protection laws as the country in which you initially provided the information. When we transfer your personal information to other countries, we will protect that information as described in this Privacy Policy. Subsequent lessons will contain additional operational checklists to conclude your forwarder general function-specific training. GISTnet offers courses in logistics, transportation, customer service and office applications.

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