Questions : Crystal Tolible, What types of master’s degree programs are offered by colleges of education?

and Languages. in line with the purpose. online and hybrid graduate programs. The provost did however commend his fellow members of the Isu community for welcoming the school with open arms. Michigan State University (East Lansing, “The Isu community I must admit is a wonderful community. MI) They accepted this college with open arms and offered our 174.49hectares of land, Michigan State University offers a Master of Arts in Education (MAED) and the Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum (MATC) and the Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) and the Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Analysis and also known as a Master of Arts in Special Education and an Educational Psychology and Educational Technology (EPET) Hybrid program that is able to be completed entirely online.1 and had every discussion was conducted in a spirit of openness and compassion. The MAED is available to teachers who want to expand their knowledge through coursework in teaching, “We work with the host communities very well, learning and leadership in the P-12 school system. and have never heard any negative comments about how the site is managed.1 There are specializations for Special Education Coaching for Sport and Technology and Leadership Postsecondary and P-12 School Leadership as well as Literacy Education. assigned location for the college.” Mathematics and Science Education. of Education. In addition to master’s degrees and graduate Certificates are also offered in online Teaching and Learning as well as Teaching in Teaching and Learning as well as Teaching and Learning in Postsecondary Education, of Education.1 to name a few. Education is among the most demanding and rewarding careers. Clemson University (Clemson, The faculty at the School of Education prepare students for careers that are successful in a range of educational settings, SC) ranging from the early years to higher education. Clemson University in South Carolina provides an Master of Education (MEd) in Teaching and Learning that is offered completely online and targeted to current K-12 teachers.1 If you’re looking to be a part of the solution and like being a teacher, Clemson’s MEd requires just an average of 18 months for completion, think about an opportunity with one of our educational programs available at the undergraduate and graduate levels. and students can choose to specialize in STEAM, Our knowledgeable and committed faculty create and disseminate information that affects and improves the educational policies and practices throughout the nation and across the state.1 experiential Learning in Early Childhood, Join us to become a compassionate, or Instructional Coaching. skilled and confident educator! Students must complete 18 hours basic pedagogical instruction along with 12 hours specialty courses within an online learning environment. Our Programs. Clemson additionally offers two MEds: The School of Education offers undergraduate courses in elementary education and special education, an MEd in administration and Supervision and an MEd in Literacy which can be completed entirely online.1 as well as graduate programs in education administration higher education, University of Florida (Gainesville, Elementary curriculum and instruction special education, FL) alternative route licensure dyslexia therapy, It is the University of Florida offers several teacher-training programs online which include one called EdD for Teachers, and educational research.1 Schools, The School of Education teacher education and administrative programs for educational administration are recognized through the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). and Society and in addition to an MEd with a focus on Reading Education, The teacher education program is also recognized by the state process and the performance review process.1 and an MEd as well as an EdD on Educational Leadership along with certificates for Early Childhood Education, USM has also been a part of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) Consortium, Secondary Education Preparation, which includes more than 125 national and international institutions that are working to improve professional practice preparation in the field of education to improve the lives of communities and individuals.1 along with the field of Educational Technology (which includes certifications in K-12 Teaching, CPED is a collaborative effort of administrators, Technology, faculty and professionals working together to improve educational doctoral (Ed.D.) degree. Instructional Design as well as Management of Distance Education Environments as well as online teaching and learning).1 We are here to help. Its Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education is fully online and includes 12 credit hours. The staff, Similarly, faculty and the administrative team of the School of Education are here to help you. it is a MEd in Reading. If you have questions regarding the delivery of instruction or assignments or assignments, MEd in Reading is comprised of 36 credits and students can complete it via campus or online in traditional formats.1 etc. Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, Please contact us. VA) School of Education Operations. Virginia Commonwealth University offers several teacher training courses that can be completed completely online. Dr. Some of the online options include the Doctor of Education in Leadership as well as one MEd on Curriculum and Instruction as well as Post-master’s Degrees in Educational Leadership as well as Reading Specialist, Kyna Shelley, and Special Education, Interim Director – kyna.shelleyFREEMississippi | (601) 266-4578.1 K-12 Teaching. Dr. Its MEd with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction is targeted at teachers with experience, Jay Howell, offering the option of focusing on the use of technology in instruction, Interim Associate Director – james.b.howellFREEMississippi | (601) 266-6570. online teaching and learning, Dr.1 as well as teaching and education It is comprised of 33 hours. Audra Classen, The completely on-line Certificate in Special Education, Associate Director – audra.classenFREEMississippi | (601) 266-4239. K-12 Teaching is open to those who are conditional or provisionally certified special educators within the Virginia school system.1 Ms. It is comprised of 27 credit hours. Rosie Sims, Commonly Answered Questions. Administrative Specialist – rosie.edwardsFREEMississippi | (601) 266-4597. The question is : Educational Field Experiments. Should I attend an online teaching school? Ms. Answer : Mona Williamson, You have plenty of possibilities for students who want to attend an educator preparation program which include traditional on-campus courses as well as online teacher preparation programs.1 Placement Specialist – ramona.williamsonFREEMississippi | (601) 266-4572. Online schools provide a range of courses, Ms. including 4-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs, Amanda Myrick, Master of Education (MEd) programs, Administrative Specialist – amanda.myrickFREEMississippi | (601) 266-4571.1 as well as Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs. Student Academic Services for Students. The selection of the type of school you apply to will depend on your specific requirements. Ms. If you’re driven and you are restricted from attending traditional programs an online school might be a great option for you.1 Alyssa Staubach, Find out more about online teacher training programmes on the Online teaching Degree Programs Resource. Student Support Specialist – alyssa.staubachFREEMississippi | (601) 266-6143. For more information on master’s degrees in teaching online visit the Online Master’s in Education Programs page.1 Ms. Questions : Crystal Tolible, What types of master’s degree programs are offered by colleges of education? Administrative Specialist – crystal.tolibleFREEMississippi | (601) 266-6189. Answer : Graduate Programs. In the realm of education there are two major types of master’s degree programs. Ms.1 There are the Master of Education (MEd or EdM) and is usually for current administrators or teachers looking for the opportunity to specialize in order to enhance their job prospects and career opportunities to progress.

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